Hi!  So much has happened in the last few months since moving into our new home and I have been experimenting with furniture restoration and upcycling that I had been thinking about ways to help me share updates with family and friends, as well as keep my ideas and thoughts organized.  A friend of mine (designmotifblog Check it out!) has been blogging about her own home and design journey, and I thought perhaps I’d try the same.

I wrote a guest post a while back on her site about a side table which I upcycled, and I guess I caught the blogging bug 🙂

So here it is.  My first post!

Early this spring we had massive flooding in our basement, revealing that we had a huge crack in our foundation and poor grading in the ground towards the house.  When the weather was finally warm and dry enough we had a company come and dig it up, repair the foundation and install a new membrane and weeping tile.  A couple of rainstorms later and we are still dry!

The foundation repair led to the subject of today’s entry–the resulting patch of clay (hereafter called “Dirt Hole”) in my front garden.

My beautiful Dirt Hole, post-foundation repair

My beautiful Dirt Hole, post-foundation repair

The previous owners of the home kept a perennial scree garden and I was eager to re-establish that because of its low-maintenance/high impact ratio.  A scree garden is very drought resistant, mostly hardy ground cover and rocks for variety and texture.  Mix in some perennial flowers that bloom at different times of the season and you get an evolving blanket of colours through the spring and summer and even into the fall.  There is no lawn to mow (love that), and weeds have a tough time establishing because of the dense ground cover (love that more!).

Condition the soil

The ground around our place is mostly clay, which is tricky for new plants because the roots have to fight through the dense material. What I needed was loose topsoil and compost.  I bought 15 bags of garden soil on sale, which came to about $26.

Next,  nutrients.  Last weekend our city councillor set up several stations around our area for FREE COMPOST!!  Booyah!  Speaking with one of the volunteers, I discovered that they do this every spring, and the compost comes from our own city Green Bin program.

Driving past the compost gathering crowd.

Driving past the compost gathering crowd.

I was expecting total and utter mayhem, but it was actually nice, and while it was crowded, people were very polite to one another and giving each other space to pass through.  They were pretty creative with their compost containers too–some were using huge city recycling bins, some brought wagons, some were even using those heavy duty paper yard waste bags.  Thank God you could borrow dollies to carry the compost to your car– my own 5 buckets of compost got pretty heavy!  And FREE—You definitely can’t beat that!

Free compost!

Free compost!  I kept singing “A Trunk Full of Dirt” to the tune of “A Heart Full of Love” from Les Miz.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll have the results of the planting up in the next post!