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Picking your plants

I live 5 minutes away from Sheridan Nursuries, a premium garden centre here in the Toronto area.  I don’t shop here often, but experience has proven that their plants are stronger, provide better fruits and flowers than your local hardware garden centre, and they have an amazing selection.

Today I only had budgeted enough for some perennial ground cover plants to start.  Later in the summer or next year, I might look into getting a rhubarb, some lilacs, roses, and a Japanese Maple, but for now I just wanted that Dirt Hole gone.  Eventually, I want to start a vegetable garden too.  Apparently Sheridan has amazing fall sales–a friend of mine describes it as Boxing Day for plants 😀

Here are the ones I picked:

Tip: keep the tags so you can refer to them for care instructions

Tip: keep the tags at hand so you can refer to them later for care instructions

They are supposed to be hardy spreaders, built for harsh Canadian weather, and the creeping thyme (2nd from the left) is especially good for foot traffic.

Put it all together!

My dear in-laws came by to help us in the yard. It’s always good to have an experienced advisor on hand!  We loosened up the clay, mixed in the soil and compost and graded the ground away from the house.  We then re-laid the existing flagstone that was there before the foundation was dug up.  I roughly planned where I wanted the plants, and since I had some compost left over, I put more compost around each one to give the new root systems an extra boost. Then I gave them a good watering before dark and again the next morning, also to encourage root growth.


Drink up little ones!


This will become a pretty patch of white flowers called Snow-in-Summer. They grew at a house in Colborne where I once lived and they were practically no maintenance!

The next morning I looked out and the the tulips had opened up!  Note to self: April brought snowdrops and crocus saffron, May has daffodils, yellow and red tulips, purple hyacinths and some other purple ground cover, creeping thyme perhaps.  I wonder what the summer will bring?  New gardens are always fun to discover what treasures lie under the ground!

Spring colours!  This huge blue spruce (apparently acquired as a "dwarf" specimen--20 years later... it makes a great snow shelter during storms :))

Spring colours! This huge blue spruce (apparently acquired as a “dwarf” specimen–20 years later…) makes a great snow shelter during storms 🙂

What are some of your favourite garden plants/flowers?

Thanks for reading!