In my last post I gave you a taste of what my kitchen looks like.  Now here’s the magic: all the cool details and organizational nooks and crannies in this space, plus a couple of ideas of my own to make it run smoothly the way I like.

This is my first time owning a kitchen with built-ins, and I’ll never go back to separate appliances if I can help it!  There’s no fear of dropping food behind/beside appliances, and the additional storage/counter space is unreal.  Good bye old dusty crusty food behind the oven (gross!). 😛 IMG_0054 This gas cooktop (by a company named “Modern Maid” lol! How retro is that??) is particularly cool for the convertible grill/griddle in the middle.  We’ve used the grill for burgers and steaks, and the griddle for bacon and pancakes (see this post for a yummy pancake recipe).  Love love love!

The deep drawers beneath the cooktop allow for ample space for pots and pans. I use a small dish rack I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond to keep the lids organized. There’s even space under here to keep my big turkey roasting pan.  Genius.IMG_0063

Other organization systems by the stove:IMG_0062 I picked up a lazy susan at Canadian Tire for $10 to make it easier to access oft-used oils and spices and installed little L hooks on the cabinet door for my measuring spoons.  No more hunting for stray measuring spoons lost in an over-stuffed drawer!  (wait…the drawer is still over-stuffed…but I’m working on that 🙂 )





Continuing with the built-ins, here’s the microwave and oven, and the storage above and below.  Vertical compartments above for cutting boards and baking sheets and a shallow drawer below for more baking trays.  IMG_0006The sink is white enameled cast iron. The big side is super deep, so I can pile up dishes in there and you can’t see them!  It’ll even fit my big dutch oven for easy cleaning. The only thing is the enamel marks easily and every few weeks I have to scrub with a little bleach to make it nice and clean again.  I’ve tried other natural cleaners, but bleach is the only thing I’ve found to work 😦IMG_0044Soon after we  moved in we updated the faucet to a new pull-down MagnaTite faucet by Delta.  It’s awesome because there is a little magnet in the faucet to snap the nozzle firmly in place when not in use. We had a pull-down nozzle at the old house but after a few months it wouldn’t dock snugly and it always bugged me.  The brushed stainless steel wipes clean easily and resists water stains and fingerprints.  We got this one from Home Depot and I love it.

Very important–Coffee/Tea station! IMG_0065 Imperative for one’s morning survival.  We keep all our teas and Tassimo discs in the cupboard above for easy access.




Here’s a tip: (I got this idea from Doitonadime, who I’ve mentioned before in a previous post) Cut an old magnet (you know those free ones from your dentist or real estate agents?), cover it with a pretty post-it note and wrap with saran wrap for your own custom dishwasher label! It’s great for letting other family members know when they can load it with dirty dishes!

IMG_0061(Photobombed!  Silly girl.  Not every photo has to be about you!! lol) 😀  Actually what I wanted to show you here was a tip I learned from a friend.  If you have the space, store your wraps, tin foils, parchment papers and ziploc bags VERTICALLY.  It is SO much easier to see what you have, and just grab and go!  I think I bought this bin from Canadian tire for $4 or $5.

All the cupboards came with SLIDING SHELVES! HOW AWESOME IS THAT???IMG_0001To make your own, these drawer slides from Home Depot are only $8 and you can buy pre-cut boards for very reasonable prices as well, or just trim down the existing shelves in your cupboards.  When we moved in, I re-adjusted the height of the shelves to accomodate our griddle (short), raclette (short), bread machine (tall), big coffee machine (tall) and rice cooker (tall).  Actually, it was this project that I first learned to use a drill 🙂 I’m going to use this same idea to install pull-out drawers in our downstairs media room (future post alert!).  Hmm…I think I need to update that adhesive shelf liner, though–colours are kind of ugly and they’re starting to peel anyways.


Whoops, meant to turn that “Welcome Friends” plaque around. We place it on top of our garbage can to keep the dogs out, not to welcome our friends to the garbage, lol.

Finally, the kitchen command centre.  I have another hidden one in the library closet for confidential and financial files, but this one is great for keeping the garbage collection schedule, coupons, to-do lists.  I installed the corner shelf to hold things “in transit” on their way to the basement or things we need to remember to take out etc.  A mini project for the future is dressing up the corkboard a little prettier–maybe a coloured fabric or something? What do you think?


While there aren’t many things I would change in this kitchen, I would like to eventually update the floor and track lighting.  The texture and colour of the floor is great at hiding dirt and stains but, at the same time, I can’t tell how dirty it really is–which is important with 2 dogs, one being a constantly curious beagle mix, licking up every possible hint of flavour she can find 😛  The track lighting is slowly falling apart, with 2 outlets breaking off when we tried to replace the bulbs, so it’s also due for an update–we looked for replacement units for the track, but it seems they are no longer available.

Thanks for reading!