It’s been busy.  When I took time off last week I thought I’d have all this time to do stuff around the house…but alas no 🙂  It was a great time, mind you, catching up with old friends and family, swimming in the pool, all around restoring my energy and my spirit.  I feel great, and my focus is re-energized, and I’m looking forward to getting back to work 🙂

Remember the Laundry room?IMG_0004



Here’s how it looks now:



esprit blue dress

My blue summer dress, the inspiration for the laundry room transformation.

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve been slowly plugging away at the laundry room, painting the floor, walls and cabinets. I could only do half the room for now, and slowly I’ll continue to complete it section by section.  We have a 2nd fridge and stand-up chest freezer in here, so rather than move them out of the room for painting, I’ll just shift them to another side while I paint.

Everyone thought I was crazy to paint the floors, but none of the walls are straight and neither is the floor.  Plus, I really wanted a crisp blue and white colour scheme, and I would be hard pressed to find a tile of any material in the colour I really wanted.  I have this blue summer dress that I absolutely love and it was the jumping off point for the colour and feel that I wanted.

Behr has a new floor paint that’s designed to be really strong and tough on concrete and wood floors, but no guarantee on vinyl tile — yikes! — but I was determined to give it a go.  The label reads that it will bond with their interior primer, and the primer label reads that it will bond with vinyl.  Makes perfect sense to me!! I know, I know, I’ll only know once it’s been lived with for a while if it is strong enough to withstand any heavy duty wear, but I promise to post an update on that sometime in the future!

I chose a beautiful colour called “watery” to cover the floor.  It also ended up as the backing for the shelving unit, for some more colour.  Interesting to note, the light hits the floor directly and so the colour reads a light blue, but in the cabinets the lighting is more diffused, and the colour reads more of a green/blue/grey, which I love!  Just like the dress!








I mentioned in a previous post our washer and dryer needed replacing.  My darling husband kindly moved the old appliances out of the room for me while we waited for the new machines, so that I could sand and paint the floors, as well as paint the walls behind them.  I removed the doors to the cabinets initially to paint them too, but then I decided I like the open look and chose to instead leave them off.  I used wood filler for the screw holes, and sanded them down before painting the upper cabinets.  I think they look great.

The new machines are the Cabrio Collection by Whirlpool, which we got discouned at an appliance event at Leons.  They are super efficient, usiIMG_0013ng up to 75% less water, and less electricity.  We’ve had them a couple of weeks now and they’re fantastic–they sense exactly how much water is needed, and they sense when your laundry is dry or damp dry as you want it!  It’s amazing what they can do these days with all this new-fangled technology 😉  We bought the top loader because it’s a little cheaper, and I had heard about mould issues with front loader models, but nevertheless, these are great machines!  I highly recommend them! 


We had this old poster but couldn’t find a home for it when we moved–until NOW! He fits right in! The Gray Wolf is one of my husband’s favourite animals–they are so majestic and noble, and their piercing eyes draw you right in.


Thanks for reading!