Remember my Basement Laundry Room?  The one with the cheap beadboard, orange cabinets, minty green doors and old pebbly tiles? (see here and here)



Well, I’m done painting and here she is, folks, All Cleaned Up!



It doesn’t even feel like the same room!  It’s so bright and airy, I just love it!

The cupboards over the table will have the doors replaced, but I have idea for painting them, so you’ll just have to wait and see!

The floor paint is holding up very well.  My only regret is I allowed the lady at Home Depot talk me into getting the eggshell finish (less shiny), rather than going with my initial instinct and getting the high gloss finish.  She said that the risk was that if there was ever any water spillage that it would become slippery.  On the other hand, my experience has shown that it also clings to dirt marks and it is kind of hard to keep clean.  We had to move the fridge and chest freezer using a dolly it left some pretty dark tread marks.  Oh well.  Live and learn, after trying to clean the marks with TSP, I just painted over them.  😀  All better.

A closeup of the painted floor, showing the texture of the tile under the paint.

A closeup of the painted floor, showing the texture of the tile under the paint.

I still think it looks pretty sharp and amazing!  Also, the floor actually feels warmer on the toes than it did before, like a thin layer of insulation.



Does anyone have tricks for storing luggage? Growing up we used to keep them in the crawl space.  These ones used to take up the entire closet in the guest room before I moved them down here. I’m thinking of installing a shelf over the fridges to hold some of the suitcases, and then building a little cabinet beside the fridge and freezer to hide the rest.

Lovin’ that iron/board caddy!  Finally a place for it to belong, and not flop all over the place and get in the way.

One last idea for this room. I’d like to eventually replace that old fold-up table with a built in table-top, with the capability for some storage, but mostly to use as a craft/sewing space.

In the meantime though, I’ll just enjoy the new washing machines and breathe in the open space!

Thanks for reading!