Is it 2015 ALREADY??  I haven’t posted since last August, mostly because the school season started and all of a sudden I had no time to myself to sit, organize pictures or type. That said, it doesn’t mean nothing happened in our house and I have a bunch of projects I can’t wait to share!

First up, from September to December I knitted a cozy cardigan for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It was inspired by a crochet tutorial I saw on Youtube, which basically involved constructing a giant rectangle, and stitching some armholes together.  I thought, “yeah, that sounds easy enough.”

Front view–ignore the wierdo in the background there–this was taken on Christmas day, and needless to say my husband was feeling goofy.Front view--ignore the wierdo in the background there--this was taken on Christmas day, and needless to say my husband was feeling goofy.Little did I know the yarn I bought, a recycled cotton yarn called Freedom Echo (now discontinued 😦 ), was DK weight, which meant it is a very thin yarn, requiring more stitches to create the size I wanted.  It took me 9 balls of yarn and 4 months to finish, but I love the colour-block effect, and it is actually very smooth, warm and cozy!  I am now making another of the same design, using Berroco Maya, a yarn made of 100% alpaca and of greater weight, so it won’t take as long to put together (I hope!).

Here’s a view from the back:IMG_0002

Coming soon, some sewing projects, home organization, and some home reno projects!

Thanks for reading!