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A few years ago I discovered a Toronto company that specializes in artisanal organic breads and cookies. Shasha Bread Company makes all their products with the finest ingredients and with a conscious effort towards environmental sustainability, which I love.  Best of all, they make the best spelt bread that is also free of conventional bread yeast, instead opting for sourdough, which is easier to digest.  While there are other companies that make spelt bread, this one is by far the tastiest and most bread-like in texture!

Soft and yummy spelt bread!  (Note-Spelt is NOT gluten free, so if you're celiac, stay away! Sorry :( )

Soft and yummy spelt bread! (Note-Spelt is NOT gluten free, so if you’re celiac, stay away! Sorry 😦 )

When I found out I was allergic to wheat the biggest thing I missed was sandwiches for lunch so here I’m going to share a couple of my favourite quick and easy lunches.

IMG_0001The first is a simple fried tofu sandwich.  I fry up a couple of slices of extra firm organic tofu (my favourite tofu is SoL Cuisine) in olive oil. It gives it a fried-egg like taste. Put it between a couple of toasts with Veganaise, and it tastes almost like egg-salad 🙂


Topped with some green onions and with a side romaine/avocado salad and homemade honey mustard dressing.

IMG_0006My other new fave is with roasted chicken leftovers.  I roast a chicken a couple times a month, as one of my favourite easy meals to put together.  Any leftovers are sliced up for sandwiches.  This one is made with mashed up avocado.

What are your favourite eggless recipes?  I think I might continue this series for a little bit as I’ve sort of been baking/cooking up a storm lately and I have lots to share!  Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!