Hi everyone,

I feel really bad about not posting anything in a few months, but something happened that caused me to “shut down,” as it were.  Being here on the interweb, I have come to realize, while it allows me to share with you my little experiences and celebrations in the form of my little home projects, also puts me out there for people to judge and create conclusions about me which may or may not be true. In this case it came from someone within my own inner social circle whom I had trusted and who I thought supported me in these little adventures of gardening, furniture building, cooking, home decor and organizing. Instead this person took it as an opportunity to make conclusions about me and my family that were completely untrue and frankly very hurtful.

Suddenly my walls came up and I was afraid to post anything.  Suddenly I decided I had to close off, shut down, not share anything for fear of letting people into my humble little world, letting them see flaws, imperfections.  It was brutal as relationships were tested, and I am still healing from it.  I don’t want to get into too much detail, but it was really an extremely emotionally difficult time. Perhaps it was the fact that it came from someone who I thought I knew well that caught me off guard, but in any case I wasn’t expecting it, and certainly it was a learning and growing experience for me.

Several months have now passed. My relationship with this person is slowly mending, and while still shell-shocked by the whole thing, I feel it is time to move forward.  There are many things for which I have to be joyful and thankful and excited for, and I wish to be able to share them without mistrust and suspicion. I  have met so many interesting people through this venue and I hope that this wil continue!  In the next few weeks I will make some big announcements and I hope you will walk this journey with me! Thanks for reading!