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**Please note, I am not in any way sponsored for this review.  All opinions are my own.

Hi Everyone,

Just a quickie today.  I wanted to share with you this bath salt we discovered this past January while on a little winter holiday in Picton.  At Green Gables Gift Shop we found this display of pretty tins full of different bath salts, by a BC company called Barefoot Venus.  The Mustard Bath intrigued us the most because, a. it didn’t contain almond oil (allergy), and b.  its properties included the ability to help fight colds, thanks to the eucalyptus.  It has since become a favourite in our household, and we have bought 2 refills since then!

Our original tin.  We keep it to put our refill bags in.

Our original tin. We keep it to put our refill bags in.

After using it once I discovered it is great for my allergies because of its detoxifying properties (Rosemary and Mustard Seed).  I found that my rashes didn’t flare up even though I had been eating off my allergy list.  The smell of the eucalyptus is a bit overwhelming at first, but you soon learn to love it as you relax and it clears your sinuses.  Even my husband loves it for those extra sore days after heavy workouts.


The back of the refill bag.

They have recently updated their website, making it much easier to navigate, so I highly recommend you guys check it out!

Thanks for Reading!