Hi Everyone!

If you have been following me for some time you might know that I have been on an organizing journey to simplify my life and my home.  And like any self-respecting girl one of the things I use almost everyday is my purse.  Now I am VERY PICKY about the purses I use.  My ideal purse would have the following things:

  1. Zipper closure.  No Drawstrings, Magnets or Flaps.  When I was a girl my mom had a drawstring closure purse which was stolen from while eating lunch in Chinatown in Calgary.  The fellow at the table behind her just reached in and grabbed her wallet and keys.  Right from under her eyes!  It was one of the scariest moments as her entire life, credit/debit cards, ID, chequebook, everything was in there!  I vowed NEVER to own a purse that didn’t have a zipper closure.
  2. Compartments.  The problem with most purses is that it is just a bag to throw stuff in and it just becomes a jumbled mess where everything disappears in the bottom.  Remember Mary Poppins’ carpet bag?  I need a place for everything and and everything in it’s place!
  3. Lighter coloured interior.  This is a lesson that took me many years to realize.  Generally I am a Black and White kind of girl (with the occasional foray into navy!), so I had stuck with black purses.  Then I bought a red purse with red lining about 5 years ago and my world was flipped!  I COULD SEE WHAT WAS IN MY BAG!!  The thing with a black interior is that everything disappears into the void and you can’t see what’s in there.  It’s like a black hole that sucks every pen, pouch, kleenex, and receipt into the chasm never to return…until the next time you dump everything out and you find junk from 6 months ago :/
  4. Long shoulder strap.  2 or 3 years ago I bought a couple of used crossbody purses for travel purposes, wanting to be able to walk around with my hands free and still be able to have my valuables close at hand.  They were amazing.  I had a Roots Village Tribe which I got on Kijiji, and a Fossil Crossbody that I bought on eBay. 

    The Fossil Crossbody. Sorry, I don’t know the actual collection it came from, and it is discontinued, so it’s hard to find anywhere online.

    I liked the larger Roots bag for longer vacations because it could fit my camera, but the smaller Fossil bag was ideal for everyday use because it perfectly fit a wallet and phone.  The long strap meant I could walk around, go shopping for groceries, without worrying about my stuff.  And note the zippers!  Very important 🙂

However, when it came to going to work and teaching piano, it wasn’t enough to carry around everything I needed.  I needed a new bag with more space.

My new Emerson Satchel!

My new Emerson Satchel! (This canvas weave version is now sold out, sorry!)

So I was looking for a new purse that would accomplish everything listed above, at a reasonable price.  I am a sucker for all things Fossil, because I like their quality and playfulness, without breaking the bank.  I settled on the Emerson Satchel, in blue and white canvas weave, which after some waiting I found for 50% off, and free shipping from the Bay.  It is NEARLY perfect.  Just lacking in compartments, as there are no external pockets like the crossbody bags did.  Just the standard cellphone pouch and side zipper inside.

Etsy to the rescue!  I found a little Vancouver Etsy shop named LoCoMoCion who makes nylon bag organizers for about $7 (after shipping I paid a little over $10–still a great deal!).  The reason why I chose this one over the other ones out there is because of its rectangular shape and zippered sides.  Other shops had pretty purse inserts, but they all still had the big cavernous portion in the middle, which would still lead to the same black hole syndrome I mentioned before.  This one works a bit like a filing system. It keeps everything standing upright and separated so it is all easy to find!  IMG_0002

organizer views

Left pic: Wallet and card storage in the main open compartment Centre: Mini accordion folder for post its, receipts and other documents in one of the zippered sides. Right: Collection of coloured pens, pencils and erasers for teaching in the other zippered pouch. (You can click on the photo for a closer look)

Even with the organizer in the purse, there is room to spare for an extra book or tablet, or juice bottle, whatever I may need.  The best part is I can transfer this organizer to my other (black) purses too!

Thanks for reading!