About Irene


I am a pianist, music teacher, church organist, wife to an Anglican priest and mom to 2 adorable dogs, Paisley and Argyll.

We moved into our new home (well, not that new–it was built in 1955) in October 2013 and it has provided me with opportunities to try new creative outlets that I didn’t have before or didn’t have time for. We love our house because it has just the perfect amount of space for the two of us, but it has also been a huge learning curve because of its age and seemingly constant need for repairs and updates.

I love music, antiques, the colour blue, cooking, and hosting dinner parties and I am discovering the world of upcycling, so I am hoping to share my adventures as we create our ideal home, as well as random musings about life as they come to me 🙂 I hope to post regularly, about twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Pull up a chair and stay a while!


Paisley (left) and Argyll

Paisley (left) and Argyll


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